Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here's a sketch I drew while on holiday last year of Smardale Bridge. In the 1700s, this used to be on the main road between Kendal in the Lake District, and Kirkby Stephen, in the Eden Valley; this was one of the main East-West routes in the UK. There was a coaching inn right by the bridge. Now, the bridge is in the middle of nowhere, the road and the coaching inn have crumbled to the ground. You pass this bridge when you walk from the village of Ravenstonedale to Smardale Viaduct (a Victorian railway viaduct, again, disused now). We sat and had our lunch by the bridge, and while the others looked at flowers and insects, I sketched.


Neal said...
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Anonymous said...

Neal, I bet that would cool in color, it really knocks my socks off ,{ got that saying from some of the girls that I watch over, at church camp this week)

Neal said...

Well, with a bit of luck you might get the chance to see a bit more in colour in the future, Janice. See my newest post.