Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My first "proper" watercolour. I painted this a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes you have a moment where it just all comes together, and I think this was one of those. On our recent holiday, I took a picture of my eldest daughter, and it was completely out of focus. However, I quite liked its composition, and the most powerful thing about it was this lovely blue eye which served as the centre of the picture, so I cut out all the colour from the picture except for that eye. Suddenly, a bad photo was turned into a more interesting photo, and I figured it would make a nice pastel. Then I was given my new watercolour set, so I decided to have a play with those instead. This is the result.


Anonymous said...

VEry Interesting, in deed
you did it again! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to say HAVE A nice DAy;-D

SafeTinspector said...

Little girls make the world a better place... when they aren't making it a more infuriating one, that is.
Very nice watercolor, and a very pretty little girl. :)

Neal said...

Thanks all for your kind comments. She is indeed a very pretty little girl :-)