Friday, September 23, 2005

... I know what I like

Grayson Perry's new regular column on the arts in the Times has made for some good reading in the last few weeks. In this week's article he talks about the pressure to conform to artistic "good form" when deciding what's in, and what's not.

Am I alone in thinking that there is too much “good taste” around these days? People seem to make fewer eccentric “mistakes” in dress and decor. Are things blanding out? Does everyone need to be told what’s beautiful? Can’t we tell for ourselves any more?


Anonymous said...

Read the article, can I laugh,or am I to cry over it, you tell me ?
have a good day if you want too Neal ;-D

Neal said...

I think you can laugh AND cry! I think it's amusing that so much of the art world is dependent on the opnions of a minority, but it's also refreshing that someone who is involved in it is able to be open about it. I think his article makes for common sense reading. (The irony is, IMO, Grayson Perry's work is the sort of stuff that the "informed" minority would probably tell us we ought to like. In many ways, his work IS the emperor's new clothes.)

Brenda Coulter said...

I, at least, am still making plenty of eccentric mistakes in dress and decor. Stop worrying. ;-)