Monday, February 27, 2006

Illustration Friday: Tea

Along much of its length as it runs through Teesdale, the River Tees is the colour of tea, and that's not intended as a pun. A beautiful rich brown colour, and crystal clear, I'm not exactly sure why the water is this colour, but I presume it's to do with the minerals that are naturally found in the ground over which the river runs. Somehow, to find out the secret would be to lose some of the mystery of the place. This is a pastel sketch of the Tees at High Force, one of England's biggest waterfalls. Watching the rich brown water crashing down its 70 foot height, hearing the roar of the water, is quite an inspiring sight.


Ellen said...

This is very nice...tranquil. Thanks for the tid as well!!

Manuela said...

well done
and I like also the story behind it :D

jel said...

AWESOME ! you did it a again NEAl
havea great day!

steve said...

Beautiful--makes me want to go hiking again soon. I'd love to see this posted even larger!

fin said...

I love drawing water.