Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here's a montage I made while on holiday last summer. We were on the banks of Ullswater in the Lake District. It was a warm, greyish day. The girls played on the rocks, looking for fish, and my wife combed the shore, looking for inspiration in the rocks for her ceramics, while I sat by the shore and sketched what I saw. The yacht was just moving away from the shore, hence the two views (and yes, it was called Skywalker). The walking boot was my daughters, one she left by me while she went wading. And the silhouette is of my eldest daughter as she balanced on the rocks looking for fish. Of the four items in the montage, that was the trickiest to capture because it was the fastest moving!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool pic Neal

Mike Rohde said...

Rockin' as usual Neal! :-)

Neal said...

Thanks jel.

Hey Mike, so pleased to see you visit. Glad you like the pic.